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Zombie Tsunami MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Zombie Tsunami MOD APK (Unlimited Money)
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  • Version 4.5.128
  • Requirements Android
  • Genre Adventure
  • Price Free
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Zombie Tsunami Mod APK is a captivating game that immerses you in the undead world as you smash to consume people and grow your zombie army. The more unsuspecting souls you devour, the larger your horde of the undead becomes, inching humanity closer to extinction. Form a horde with your fellow zombies and feast on the unsuspecting humans.

If you’re looking to accelerate your progress in this zombie-infested world, you can join the multiplayer mode, which adds another layer of excitement. Once you start your Zombie Tsunami journey, there’s no turning back. Its addictive gameplay will keep you coming back for more, like an unstoppable tsunami bearing down on the living. The game is free to download and offers user-friendly arcade-style touch controls.

Zombie Tsunami MOD APK

What is a Zombie Tsunami APK?

The standard download version of Zombie Tsunami APK lets you team up with your friends as you embark on a relentless rampage. You can sink your teeth into new victims and bolster your growing zombie horde. You will embrace the spirit of a true tsunami, leaving chaos in your wake. Show no mercy, and ensure no one escapes your clutches because you are the zombie now, prepared to claim victory at any cost.

What is Zombie Tsunami MOD APK?

Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk offers an exciting gaming experience filled with thrilling adventures. You can assume the role of a small green creature with a mission to infect and transform everyone into one of your kind. Charge forward, leaving chaos in your wake as you bite people and consume everything in your path. They will follow you, assisting in the collection of coins and valuable bonuses. With your hard-earned money, you can also purchase various enhancements in the Zombie Tsunami Mod APK, boosting your earnings or aiding in their collection. The game features straightforward controls and vibrant, eye-catching graphics, ensuring an engaging gaming experience.

Zombie Tsunami APK

Zombie Main Objective

A zombie’s grand ambition is to conquer the entire planet. Within the storyline of Zombie Tsunami, a global zombie pandemic unleashes havoc on the world, resulting in widespread chaos. These ravenous zombies can transform any victim they encounter into a flesh-eating monstrosity. Consequently, the world undergoes a relentless transformation due to the devastating effects of this outbreak. Your role is to navigate this global catastrophe, overcoming a multitude of obstacles and journeying through diverse locations.

Zombies in Zombie Tsunami move automatically across the screen, and your task is to manipulate the screen size to help them leap over obstacles that stand in their way. The gameplay involves switching between various running behaviors, akin to a race to collect as many brains as possible on an endless journey.

Features of Zombie Tsunami

Multiplayer Mode:

Zombie Tsunami offers an expansive multiplayer mode featuring a vast community of players ready to join you in your undead adventures. You’ll venture into the city alongside hundreds of online players, collectively devouring everything in your path. Forge new alliances, make friends, and engage in a relentless battle against the human population. While single-player mode is available, the allure of multiplayer is undeniable. Mastering it not only provides a thrilling experience but also rewards you generously.

Zombie Birds Assistance:

Zombie Birds are invaluable allies in your quest for destruction. These bird-like creatures can be upgraded to enhance their abilities. They excel at spotting unsuspecting citizens, allowing you to eliminate them swiftly. Zombie Birds play a crucial role in your feeding frenzy as they fly over the living, guiding you to your next meal.

Diverse Missions:

Zombie Tsunami Mod APK a collection of over 300 missions to undertake in single-player mode. You can progress through these missions to level up and unlock a lot of rewards and coins. These missions are instrumental in earning valuable in-game currency and expanding your collection of zombie characters. The missions present a maximum range of difficulty levels, ensuring an engaging and rewarding gaming experience.

Abundance of Characters:

The game features an extensive number of characters, offering endless variety over time. Earn rewards, unlock new characters, or utilize your game coins to expand your undead ensemble. Each character possesses unique abilities and perks that prove invaluable when facing off against armed citizens. Collecting characters is a significant aspect of the game, and these zombie avatars give you the edge you need to rise above the chaos and leave your mark on the city.

Expand Zombie Horde:

InZombie Tsunami, you have to expand your zombie horde and survive for as long as possible, feasting on anyone who crosses your path. Initially, only a small group of zombies is at your disposal, but they multiply rapidly by infecting new individuals. Concurrently, you must launch assaults on vehicles carrying potential victims while skillfully evading various hazards. Success depends on having just the right number of zombies required for these actions. Moreover, you must navigate a perilous landscape filled with wormholes, explosives, and oncoming traffic.

Upon completing a level, the game tallies the number of brains you’ve collected, and reaching specific brain counts unlocks unexpected rewards. To earn gold and achieve specific completion percentages, you must fulfill additional objectives. These objectives are tracked by a test jar that accumulates gold as it expands, ultimately releasing its contents when full.

MOD Features of Zombie Tsunami 

Here are the MOD features of Zombie Tsunami APK:

Unlimited Money: 

The MOD version provides you with an unlimited supply of in-game money, allowing you to make upgrades, unlock characters, and enhance your zombie horde without any financial constraints.

Unlock All Items: 

You gain access to all items, power-ups, and bonuses right from the start. There’s no need to grind or complete missions to unlock various elements, giving you an advantage in the game.

Enhanced Characters: 

The MOD version may feature upgraded or enhanced zombie characters with special abilities and attributes. These enhanced characters make it easier to progress in the game and achieve higher scores.

No Ads:

Say goodbye to annoying ads that disrupt your gaming experience. The MOD version is typically ad-free, providing uninterrupted gameplay.

Unlimited Coins and Gems: 

You receive an infinite supply of both coins and gems in the MOD version. This abundance of resources allows you to make purchases and power-ups at will, accelerating your progress.

Increased Difficulty: 

Some MOD versions may offer heightened challenges and obstacles, making the gameplay more engaging and thrilling.

Unlocked Multiplayer: 

You might access the multiplayer mode from the beginning, allowing you to team up with other players and conquer the city together.

Zombie Tsunami APK

How To Download And Install Zombie Tsunami Mod APK:

This unique feature ensures constant user protection for secure access. If the app isn’t available on the Google Play Store, you can conveniently download it from our website. 

Follow these steps to install Zombie Tsunami Apk on your Android device before finalizing the process:

  • You have to give access to “Unknown Sources” in your Settings. Then, navigate to Security and activate the Security option.
  • Visit your Android device’s download manager and tap on Zombie Tsunami. Proceed to download the app.
  • On your mobile screen, two options will appear. Choose an installation method that suits you, quickly booting the operating system on your Android device.
  • A popup with options will appear on your screen. Be patient as it loads.
  • Once downloads and installations are complete, click “Open” to launch the app on your mobile screen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it Possible to Play like a Regular Citizen in the Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk?

No, it is not possible to play as a citizen in the Zombie Tsunami mod apk. In this modified version of the game, you exclusively play as a zombie, with the primary objective of eliminating people to achieve higher scores.

Can you Reset your Progress in the Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk?

Yes, you have the option to reset your progress in the Zombie Tsunami mod apk. You can initiate a fresh start by returning to level zero. This reset can be executed at any time of your choice.


Users assume the unconventional role of a zombie, making it a standout and unique gaming experience. As an undead creature, your objective is to make a large horde and unleash havoc upon humanity, ultimately determining their fate. Your chosen path is that of the zombie, and your journey involves swallowing humans to strengthen and enlarge your force.

Zombie Tsunami MOD APK (Unlimited Money)
Download Zombie Tsunami MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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